Okta alumni at Elizabeth International flew to Abu Dhabi to work in one of the famous 5 star hotel

To start our day, we have news from our alumni, Okta. On the 31st of May, Okta flew to Abu Dhabi to work in one of the famous 5 star hotel. In the beginning, she was looking for an internship together with our partner Konsultan Visa; however, she ended up being offered as a full-time employee due to her skills and knowledge. This is just one of the opportunities you will achieve by studying at Elizabeth International.

We will bring you to a door that will open up to many opportunities ahead of us. Starting by building up your skills, confidence, and integrity. Dreaming of living, studying, or working overseas? We have countless certified partners ready to help you. Are you an alumnus? Current student? We have everything covered for you. Check out our website at @ezzy.career for more.

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