How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working in Windows 10

It’s far more involved and complex than the other two. However, if you’re into video production and would like more control over your screen recording options and capabilities, then OBS may be what you’re looking for. Your screen recordings are free of any watermarks. ScreenRec is a free screen recorder with no watermark.

  • Windows 10 is the latest operating system by Microsoft, followed by Windows 8 for personal computers.
  • I wrote a simple python script to capture the screen to a file on a hot key.
  • You can save your screenshot from there or make changes to it.
  • OBS Studio is a freeware & an open-source project that millions of people around the world use it.

Alternatively, you could view the images by clicking on “See all my captures” right below the camera icon. To automatically save your screen captures to the cloud, you can combine the PrtSc key with OneDrive. This method automatically saves the screenshot to a OneDrive folder. That way, you don’t have to open an app to paste the screenshot.

How to Take Screenshot using Xbox app Game bar

From the Game Bar display, close the window for any widget that you don’t want to see. In the top widget toolbar, click the Widget menu icon to the right of the Xbox logo, then select the widgets you want to use. You can also turn certain widgets on or off by clicking the appropriate icon on the top widget toolbar.

Once you complete the steps, you may need to repeat the instructions to remove additional Bluetooth devices from your computer. After you complete the steps, the phone will link to your computer, and you can start transferring images as well as accessing other features. Once you complete the steps, the file will transfer wirelessly using Bluetooth and your Wi-Fi connection from the source to the destination device. Alternatively, you can also use the legacy send and receive feature to share files with other devices. However, unlike Nearby sharing, you can only share small files, because of the speed limitations this source of Bluetooth, large files can take a long time to transfer.

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Simply right-click the Greenshot icon in the task tray and select Open image from file or Open image from clipboard, respectively. Notice that the image above is a screen shot of the entire screen at the time of the key press. Instructions how to save the image to an image file will be described below. If you use the keyboard shortcut, your screen will dim, and an options menu will appear at the top. This allows you to choose what kind of screenshot you want to take.

Another,WinSnap, is good, but the free edition lacks some of the more advanced features of the premium version. At this point, you may notice that the image you saved looks a bit off. If the image doesn’t take up the entirecanvas in Paint, it will leave white space around it. To fix this, drag the bottom right corner of the canvas toward the top left of the screen until you reach the corners of your screenshot. program are specifically designed to immerse you with a strong foundation to build skill and understanding about pastry and bakery to match with current hospitality industry’s needs.

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